What we offer?


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What we offer?

Cademika makes an online learning portal available to students and instructors through a structured system based on courses.

At Cademika teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of courses, video or live lessons. Students can enroll in these courses and train anytime, anywhere in the world.

Instructors will be able to teach at their own pace, set their rates with a low commission and find thousands of interested students!

We have different themes available to encourage and attract students

We have a wide subscription of students ready to learn from what you know.

We take care of the promotion of the courses by making paid announcements in digital and traditional media and dissemination on social networks.


Access 24 hours a day for students to learn at their own pace and in any language.

Ease and advantages

There are no fees to create and teach courses on Cademika, and you can publish as many free, paid, and live classes as you want with the lowest commission on the market.

Training and support

We provide training in digital marketing, technical resources and 24 hour support. to all our instructors with personalized attention to facilitate the use of the platform and increase your sales.

Main features of our platform

Intuitive course builder

Extremely easy course creation interface with advanced lesson and section manager.

Questionnaire generator

One-click quiz creation with unlimited questions and multiple possible answers.

Support for multiple files

Lessons can be built from image, video, text, pdf and doc files. etc.

Lessons with certificate

Lessons with progress bar and automatic certificate generation to download and share with the instructor's signature.

Payment report

Detailed payment report for course sales income and instructor commission payment.

Internal messaging system

Instructors and students can communicate and answer any questions through interactive messages.

Live classes

Instructors will be able to create fully integrated and live classes via zoom, students will get the class schedule on the course page.


Guarantee the safe use of our users. 100% secure payment, https protocol, SSL certificate and encrypted data.

Instructor workflow flow
Student workflow flow



You apply and after accepting it creates an account in Cademika.


Create a course from the instructor panel.


Students sign up for the course and pay Cademika the amount stipulated by the instructor.


Cademika pays the corresponding commission to the instructor on a monthly basis.


You can view statistics and sales progress in your admin panel



Create an account and browse the portal in search of courses that interest you.


Save the course of your interest in your wish list.


Add the courses to the shopping cart and make the corresponding payment.


Start the course from the page "My courses".


If you wish, you can communicate with the instructor through messages to ask your questions.


Take the final evaluation and automatically receive the certificate signed by the instructor.


Rate the instructor and leave your comment.

Creates. Share. Learn.

Our primary objective is to promote useful knowledge and techniques for the personal, professional and professional development of people.

Join now thousands of professionals who interact online and share their work and knowledge.

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