How does it work?

Hello, we are glad you want to become a Cademika instructor. Here you can share your knowledge and what you are passionate about. Many students hope to learn everything you know.

You do not have to pay any fees to be an instructor. At Cademika, instructors charge a commission based on revenue sharing. When a student purchases your course, the proceeds will be shared between you and Cademika according to the established ratio. We are currently offering instructors who sign up before the launch period an exclusive 80% commission on the total sale *. You do not have to worry about anything. Cademika will take care of the production costs for your course and in addition you will earn money.

At Cademika we want to maintain a quality standard of our courses, for this reason your course must meet some minimum requirements to be published on our platform. In specific cases we will also request basic information to support your knowledge, but do not worry, most cases are accepted.

You only need a PayPal account. As soon as we verify it, we will send you the instructions so that you can receive the payments easily.

At Cademika all instructors are free to choose the subject they want. However, some topics will be restricted and / or prohibited as anyone that refers to Sexuality, Nudity, Training on weapons, Violence and bodily injury, Animal cruelty, discriminatory language, Illegal or unethical activities, misleading content, Inappropriate language or topics, as well as any content for minors.

A Cademika course has between two and four hours of content and we recommend that at least 60% of that content be in video format. and divided into at least four modules.
At Cademika we will guide you step by step so that your content complies with the recommendations.

You can share your material by uploading the files directly to Cademika, taking into account that they have a minimum quality of 720p in MP4 format and that each video weighs no more than 1GB. Also through platforms such as vimeo (only if you have a pro account).

For live classes, you will only need to have the Zoom app login data, whether it be a free or paid account depending on the duration of your course (note that the maximum duration for a free zoom account is 40 min. For more time you will have to hire a paid plan, we only use the zoom platform for your classes, but we have no relationship with the authors of the zoom App.)

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No. At Cademika you retain all rights to your content. You only grant us permission to host, display, promote and sell the course to our users on our servers, both on our platform and on that of partners.

Cademika will be in charge of promoting the portal in order to generate traffic to translate it into sales. Alternatively, instructors can sign up for our marketing plans with different alternatives to promote their courses. It will also provide instructors with resources and strategies to market their classes effectively.

You can teach your course in the language of your choice.

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